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Lead your website visitors to TAKE ACTION!

Win more customers with a personalized, more inviting welcome message

Greet every website visitor with an automated video welcome message that can ‘lead’ them to

 Book Appointments, Text, Email and more…

All designed to drive more sales!

Watch This and See What YOUR Competitors ARE NOT Doing!

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LEAD GREETER  helps your business…

Greet, Serve, and Sell
to each website visitor...
on autopilot!

Get started in three simple steps…

Record a quick video

Create a highly personal video to connect with your visitors, and lead them to take a specific action.


Style the video welcome widget to match your web site’s branding & color scheme.

Connect Channels

Decide how you’d like visitors to respond, 

and set a relevant call-to-action.  

Email, Call, Book An Appointment

 or Send Them To Another Page!

And So Much More…

Integrate LEAD GREETER with
your favorite communication & business tools

Greet your website visitors with a powerful video welcome message, 

then lead them to connect with you via communication channels

and tools you already use!

Make YOUR business grow faster with LEAD Greeter

Discover the exciting ways LEAD Greeter can help you WIN more customers, BUILD your online presence, and GROW faster.

Book More Real Estate Showings

Welcome each visitor to your website with a personal video. Lead visitors to take actions like view current listings, view a list of upcoming open houses, schedule meetings or showings. You can even create specific LEAD Greeter videos for specific pages of your website.

Book More
Restaurant Tables

Share your latest dishes and special offers to promote your restaurant. Lead website visitors to make a reservation with OpenTable via our integration. Grow your email marketing list by creating a discount code or special offer and connecting our opt-in channel

Drive More
Retail Store Sales

Drop an exclusive offer, show off your latest products, invite customers to visit your store or sign up to a promotional email list in return for a special offer, gift, or discount code.

Boost eCommerce
Store Sales

Drive more sales with personalized video pitches that promote your products, share discount codes, and collect customer data & grow your marketing list

More Exposure
For Influencers

Take advantage of your personality and record a personal message for each visitor to promote your brand and products, or direct visitors to affiliate promotions.

Add a Human Touch To Your Website
When You Welcome Each Visitor Personally!

Lead Them To Take Important Actions
To Help Grow Your Business!

LEAD Greeter is a flexible solution and can be adapted to 

deliver new sales and automation strategies – as your business grows.

Install LEAD Greeter anywhere in minutes

Add LEAD Greeter to any website page with a single line of HTML code and start driving more sales, signups, and brand awareness.

Track your engagement analytics

Use LEAD Greeter’s built-in analytics to find out how many customers opened, clicked, and engaged with each video.

Customize your LEAD Greeter setup

Add a unique LEAD Greeter video to any page, product, or offer on your website to drive multiple conversion and business goals.

Save time compared to chat apps

Avoid the time, commitment, and manual, round-the-clock monitoring and replies that traditional chatbots and chat apps demand.

Keep your brand and website fresh

Record regular video content to give your visitors a fresh welcome and new reasons to come back to your website.

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